A unique beach sauna in Helsinki

Furuvik's Beach Sauna is located next to a quiet sandy beach, right by the sea. In the sauna, you can enjoy soft baths while admiring the seascape. Furuvik's beach sauna can be rented all year round and you can swim in the sea in all seasons. Up-to-date booking calendar and reservations Saunat.fifrom the website.

In the atmospheric Beach Sauna, you can spend a variety of occasions from one side to the other. The facilities are perfect for relaxing moments with groups of friends, workplace recreation days, celebrating birthdays, bachelor parties and relaxed weekend brunches. 


  • 2-hour private sauna and swimming sessions from €129/session
  • Balju €299
  • Gas grill €50
  • 5-hour shifts from €399/shift
  • Additional hours from 75 €/h, 100 €/h if purchased on site
  • Towel and tablecloth sets €5/set
  • Sauna jacket and towel set €12/pc. 
  • Hats from €10

Rental times can be customized according to wishes. 

The sauna is already heated and the price includes body and hair detergents, as well as the normal final cleaning of the space. The steam room of Furuvik's Beach Sauna can accommodate about 10 people at a time. The shower room has two showers and a small dressing room. There is more dressing room space in the dressing room trailer, which also has lockers for valuables. 

The beach sauna has a sauna, which can be rented in conjunction with a sauna session for an additional price of €299. You can sit in Palju both on summer evenings while watching the sunset, and on a relaxing vacation in the freezing winter weather. Palju can be ordered warm or iced. The cold drink is cooled with ice cubes, up to +4 degrees. The straw is emptied, washed and refilled for each charge. No chemicals are added to Palju's water.

If you wish, you can bring your own food and drinks to the premises or order delicious catering services through us. The beach sauna has a refrigerator for storing food and drinks. Check out the delicious menu options from here. The minimum delivery quantity for catering is 10 people. The water that comes to the beach sauna is potable tap water from the city of Helsinki.

For private tours of more than five hours, towels and tablecloths for 10 people are included. Please note that sauna sessions of less than five hours do not include towel sets. It is possible to rent towels in advance or on the spot.

The neighboring public sandy beach of the city of Helsinki is available to everyone, but the beach sauna with its docks is located in its own restricted area. Thanks to the pier, you can arrive with your own boat or with a larger group on a chartered boat, ask our customer service for an offer on transportation at [email protected]. The depth at the end of the pier is 2.4 meters.

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At the Furuvik beach sauna, open sauna shifts are organized throughout the year, there are shifts several times a week. Take a look at the up-to-date shifts from here.

Arrival instructions for the beach sauna.

Tickets €17/person From the ticket office. Choose the two-hour sauna and swimming time that suits you best from the calendar. Shifts start every two hours.

The price of the sauna and swimming ticket includes hair and body washes. Please bring your own towel and seat pad with you. In the mixed sauna shift, you take a sauna while wearing a swimsuit.

You can also rent a towel, tablecloth or sauna jacket from us. If you didn't do it when booking, please contact our customer service before the start of your sauna shift!

Prices valid until further notice. We reserve the right to make changes.


Furuvik beach sauna, bachelor parties

5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"We spent a sauna evening with 14 people. The sauna was absolutely amazing and the views from the decks couldn't have been better. The sauna could fit a big poppoo at once and the lounges were very comfortable. These spaces are a rare treat in Helsinki. I would continue to organize parties at this location."