Furuvik's beach sauna is located in Helsinki, Laajasalo Jollasi. Our address is Furuvikintie 5, 00870 Helsinki. The beach sauna is located on the seashore, next to Furuvik's public beach, in the wonderful scenery of Hevossalmi.  The sandsie you go to the sauna from the end of Furuvikintie, from the right side of the rocky roundabout, down towards the beach. 

You can get to Furuvik by car, public transport or your own boat. You can leave your car next to the rocky roundabout or in front of the yellow villa. You can get from Herttoniemi to Furuvik with bus numbers 85 and 86.

- On bus number 85, the name of the stop closest to Furuvik at Jollasen Alepa is: TAKILANTIE H4135, Jollaksentie.
Walking distance to Furuvik about 700m.
– On bus no. 86, the name of the stop closest to Furuvik is: HEVOSSALMENTIE H4107, Laajasalontie. Walking distance to Furuvik about 900m.

See HSL for more detailed information and schedules from the pages.

Sauna sessions are booked in advance. You do not need to register separately when you arrive at the sauna. The key is in the sauna door and the sauna is warm when you arrive. You can use the sauna canopy and the pier + covered area. The changing room trailer located behind the sauna building is used as an additional changing room space. The dressing room trolley has lockable compartments for valuables.

It is possible to buy non-alcoholic refreshments from the fridge in the beach sauna with MobilePay or cash. It is also possible to rent a set of towels and sheets or a bathrobe from the sauna, as well as to buy towels. Swimwear and sandals can be borrowed from the sauna free of charge.

Toilet facilities are located Furuvik garden sauna connected in the upper courtyard (middle building, left edge when viewed from the sea).

Please note that our sauna shifts are very popular. You can only arrive at the place when the reservation starts and you must leave the sauna by the end of the rental period. In this way, care is taken to ensure that the sauna stays within the reservation time and that the sauna facilities have time to be cleaned between reservations. 


We will heat up the sauna at the desired time, unless otherwise agreed.

The beach sauna has a sauna, which can be rented in conjunction with a sauna session for an additional price of €299. You can sit in Palju both on summer evenings while watching the sunset, and on a relaxing vacation in the freezing winter weather. Balju and sauna by the sea - and even in the capital region - is a unique combination that must be experienced! Palju can be ordered warm or ice cold. The cold drink is cooled with several hundred kilos of ice cubes, up to +4 degrees. The straw is emptied, washed and refilled between charges. No chemicals are added to Palju's water. If you want to add a party to your reservation, you should contact us in good time. 

In connection with the sauna reservation, it is also possible to rent a gas grill for €50/time.

The steam room of Furuvik's Beach Sauna can accommodate about 8-12 people. The shower room has two showers and a small dressing room. There is additional dressing room space in the dressing room trailer, which also has lockers for valuables. From Loyly, you can dive straight into swimming, and in winter, open water!

In cold weather, we recommend asking for a quote for the interiors of Villa Furuvik's villa or Furuvik's courtyard sauna, because Rantasauna does not have any other fixed interiors besides the sauna, shower room and dressing rooms.

If you want to extend your reservation, you can ask for additional hours by calling 0400 485 425.

At the end of your sauna session, please collect all the trash and the empty pledges and bottles as well as the used rental towels in the containers reserved for them. 

If you wish, you can bring your own food and drinks to the premises or order delicious catering services through us, and Rantasauna has a refrigerator for storing food and drinks. Check out the delicious menu options from here. For more information on catering and orders, please contact our customer service at [email protected]. Catering services can be organized for groups of at least 10 people. The water that comes to the beach sauna is potable tap water from the city of Helsinki.

Private tours of more than five hours include towels and tablecloths for 10 people. Please note that sauna sessions of less than five hours do not include towel sets. Towels can be rented for €5/set. Sauna jacket and towel set with sauna slippers €12/person. Hats from €10.

The public sandy beach of the city of Helsinki, located next to the beach sauna, is accessible to everyone. Furuvik's beach sauna with its docks and yard is located in its own demarcated area. Ask for a quote on boat transport services from our customer service at [email protected]. The depth at the end of the pier is 2.4 meters.


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Furuvik's beach sauna takes place every week open sauna shifts, welcome to the sauna!  

See available times and redeem tickets (€17/person) 


By the way, did you know that the beach sauna is more than 100 years old and has worked before e.g. as a net shed and a steamboat stop?

Wishing you warm baths,

Villa Furuvik's team

tel. 0400 485 425 

[email protected]