Villa Furuvik's courtyard sauna has gone through a complete renovation and the doors have now been opened to the wonderful renovated courtyard sauna. The courtyard sauna facilities are also excellent for outdoor parties - in addition to the indoor facilities, you can use a large covered terrace, a yard area and Furuvik's barbecue shed.

The building has previously functioned as a chicken house and later as an outbuilding supporting living in the Furuvik courtyard area. In addition to the sauna facilities, kitchens, meeting and accommodation facilities have also been completed for the new courtyard sauna. The renovation of the courtyard sauna has been designed as a functioning whole while respecting the old, and the finished premises offer customers a wide range of opportunities for organizing various corporate and private events. Even a larger group can party and take a sauna in the courtyard sauna facilities, and the building has both living areas and accommodation facilities. The space can be used for meetings or, for example, to spend a team day.

Rent the entire space for your own group and the sauna and party all night long! There is a terrace next to the sauna, where it is nice to cool off between baths, sit at a covered table or have breakfast during your stay. Near the courtyard sauna, there is also a beach approx. 60 meters away, where you can take a dip in the fresh sea water all year round.

Renting a patio sauna also includes a barbecue canopy, so there is enough outdoor space for even a larger group. In the barbecue shelter built on the stone foundation of the old ice cellar, you can spend an atmospheric evening until late at night. The equipment of the barbecue canopy includes e.g. wood, gas and electric grill.

The courtyard sauna also has a sauna, which can be rented in conjunction with a sauna session for an additional price of €299. It's good to sit in Palju both on summer evenings watching the sunset, and on a relaxing sauna vacation in the cold winter weather. Palju can be ordered both cold and hot. Cold water is cooled with water containing ice cubes, up to +4 degrees. The balju is emptied, washed and refilled with each reservation. No chemicals are added to Palju's water.

NOTE! Please note that the toilets in the Garden Sauna are shared with customers of the Beach Sauna.

In the garden sauna, you can enjoy your own drinks and your own food. If you wish, you can ask our sales service for a sauna menu offer when booking.

Yard sauna prices:

* 3-hour shifts from €199

* All-day shifts from €999

*Staycation package Sun-Thurs from €1200, incl. sleeping places for 10 people, additional places possible. Check-in at 16:00 and check-out at 12:00

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You can enjoy your own drinks and refreshments in the courtyard sauna. If you wish, you can ask for a sauna menu offer when booking our sales service